Jacques Kroes


Jacques Kroes

— Property Specialist —
  • Place and town of birth: Aalsmeer, Holland
  • Time residing in Spain: Since 1994
  • Languages spoken: Dutch, English and German
  • Time spent working in Real Estate: 20 years

1) How would you describe your experience in purchasing property with Bromley Estates Marbella?
It is what we expected from a good agency, as there is a difference from those who are serious and those that aren’t in Marbella and Bromley Estates Marbella are very serious. Jacques was very client friendly and it was great that he spoke our own language.

2) If you were asked to highlight one or two specific strengths of Bromley Estates Marbella what would they be?
One strength would be that they really try to find out the needs and expectations of the client, and secondly that they are not pushing every day but rather take a more relaxed approach understanding that it’s not about buying in a supermarket! They also treat all the clients the same, whether they are buying a property for 50,000 € or 1,000,000 €.

3) Would you recommend Bromley Estates Marbella to a friend?*
Yes, no problem.

Maria and Michael Holland 8th December 2015

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