Steve Brown


Steve Brown

— Property Specialist —
  • Place and town of birth: Cardiff, South Wales
  • Time residing in Spain: 5 years
  • Languages spoken: English
  • Time spent working in Real Estate: 5 years

Probably the best real estate agency on Costa del Sol. Spend several days with Steve on the road viewing a lot of properties and the days have always been well prepared. Always with a prompt follow-up on any questions we may have had. During our visits we have meet quite a lot of other brokers and very few comes even close to professional service of Steve and the Bromley team – highly recommended

Henrik - Norway 31st May 2017

This is my second experience with Bromley and Steve Brown in particular, and it seems amazing to say that driving up and down the Costa del Sol, and going in and out of properties for hours on end is equally fun and meaningful! But it’s true. Steve and the team at Bromley are relational first, this sitting on a foundation of knowledge. Steve’s commitment is to help you find not just the right property, but the one that makes your heart sing. Better still is that he receives the dozens of emails I send him with questions and links to a possibility with grace. Sometimes he laughs and says, ’No way.’ and once in a while he sees something new and realises it’s a potential winner. Bromley comes through with what they say they deliver… They set the standard and the bar is high!

Lynnclaire 31st May 2017

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