According to the Spanish Ministry of Development, Andalucía had the highest value of property sales in 2013. The total sales figure for the region added up to a cool €6,792 million, giving the area a considerably more sizeable slice of the property pie than even Catalunya or Madrid, which had sales of €6,765 million and €6,530 million respectively. It is also significantly ahead of Valencia, where sales totaled €4,986 million.

This recent rise in Andalucia’s sales figures spells good news for the Costa del Sol and Marbella, especially when you consider the figures in combination with a record-breaking summer for overseas visitors.

Another recent report on the local property market, this time by real estate consultancy Aguirre Newman, showed that the Costa del Sol is seeing strong demand from overseas buyers. The report also points out that some 90% of these property buyers and investors don’t need a mortgage in a market still dominated by cash buyers in which mortgage lending is slowly making a comeback.

While property prices in some parts of the country are still finding their lowest level, values in desirable areas such as Marbella have already begun to ease back up.

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