To say that the Spanish really enjoy their national holidays would be the understatement of the century, or in Spain’s case – centuries. The Spanish are of course known throughout the world for their warm personality, tapas, wines and beaches, but what really sets them apart is their love of Feria’s – or a good party.

Today we’re going to talk about the Feria’s in Spain, and what you can expect this summer. The first day of summer has already arrived, and it’s time for fun in the sun following a few ferias around Andalucia.

Historic celebrations

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Here in the Southern Spain every town and village has its own feria to celebrate their patron saints, for example Marbella celebrates ‘San Bernebe’ with a feria starting on the 11th June every year. Many tourists visit the Costa del Sol just to attend events in their favourite villages, towns or cities. The first feria of the year always takes place just after Easter in Seville and the last will be the San Pedro de Alcántara feria in mid-October.

Interestingly, the date for Malaga’s feria is set by the local government so that it will take place between the 13th and 20th of August. This is because the city wants to commemorate the Re conquest of Malaga by the Catholic Monarchs on the 19thin 1497.

Ferias follow a tried and tested formula, opening with a speech and fireworks and then the festivities can begin. During the day there will be wine tasting, tapas and music. Then when the night falls there will be tents / booths, sponsored by local clubs, business and associations – all are equipped with a bar. Live entertainment of concerts, exhibitions, bulls, fairgrounds, folklore and flamenco will go on well into the early hours of the morning.

Feria Fashion

If you have never seen Spanish señoritas in traditional dress, vibrant with spots, dots and frills, and flowers in their hair, this is the place to be. Even though not everyone wears traditional dress, especially on the Costa del Sol due to the heat, you will still be wowed by the colourful outfits and high spirits.

Like many things in Spain, it is very much a family affair with lots to see and do for all ages. Children have amusement parks and there are “casetas” (tents) set up by the various clubs, associations and political parties of the town. Many of these tents provide live entertainment and all are equipped with a full bar – what else would you expect from this party loving nation!

Andalucía Feria Dates in 2016

Here is a list of ferias, locations and the dates for the entire summer here in Spain.

  • Algeciras – 20th – 27th June
  • San Pablo de Buciete – 26th – 28th June
  • Estepona – 2nd -9th July
  • Guadiaro – 2nd -5th July
  • San Fernando – 14th – 19th July
  • Barbate – 15th – 19th July
  • Prado del Rey – 16th – 19th July
  • La Línea – 17th – 27th July
  • Benalup – 22nd – 26th July
  • Algodonales – 23rd – 26th July
  • Almáchar – 24th – 26th July
  • Puente Mayorga – 30th July – 2nd August
  • Fiesta de la Urta Rota – 31st July – 2nd August
  • El Gastor – 1st – 6th August
  • Benaocaz – 6th – 9th August
  • Feria Setenil de las Bodegas – 6th – 9th August
  • Guadarranque – 6th – 9th August
  • Manilva / Sabinillas – 6th – 9th August
  • Feria Benamargosa – 3rd – 5th August
  • Almonaster la Real – 7th – 9th August
  • Iznajar – 8th – 12th August
  • Feria Real San Roque – 12th – 16th August
  • Baeza – 11th – 17th August
  • Alcala del Valle – 13th – 16th August
  • Torre Alhaquime – 13th – 16th August
  • Trebujena – 13th – 16th August
  • Puerto Serrano – 13th – 17th August
  • Campillos Jimena de la Frontera – 14th to 16th August
  • Benahavís – 14th – 17th August
  • Real Feria de Augusto Archidona – 14th – 18th August
  • Feria Fuentes de Andalucia – 14th – 18th August
  • Feria Real Puente Genil Puente Genil – 15th – 18th August
  • Feria San Roque El Coronil – 15th – 19th August
  • Feria Málaga – 15th – 23rd August
  • Feria RealFuente Palmera – 16th – 19th August
  • Feria Pedrera – 16th – 19th August
  • Almeria – 17th – 26th August
  • Zahara de la Sierra – 21st – 23rd August
  • San Bartolome Umbrete – 23rd – 26th August
  • Cumbres de San Bartolome – 19th – 23 August
  • Feria Guaro – 23rd – 26th August
  • Feria Real de Agusto Antequera – 19th – 23rd August 2015
  • Feria Aracena – 23rd – 27th August
  • Alcala de los Gazules – 26th – 30th August
  • Coto de Bornos – 27th – 30th August
  • Feria y Fiesta San Agustin Hinojosa del Duque – 4th – 8th September


For more information about Andalucia’s festivals visit or the

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