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Bromley Estates expand into new offices

Having outgrown its office in Calahonda, Bromley Estates has just moved in to great new offices in El Rosario Marbella. Visible from the coastal CN340 road, the new head office is situated within the pleasant commercial centre in El Rosario that also houses cafés, restaurants, shops, a supermarket and a famous German bakery.

“We’re really pleased with the new office,” says founder and director Hayley Bromley. “It’s spacious and airy with lots of natural light coming in, with room enough to grow in to over the coming years but broken up into pleasant and functional areas, the team are very happy with their new working space”

Clearly proud of her new office, Hayley and her team have organised it in such a way that the day-to-day operational areas are subdivided from reception spaces reserved for clients. “Our staff has great working facilities with lots of personal space and employee utilities. A positive and balanced working environment is essential for staff members to flourish in their professional life. This I find is one of the principle elements of our success story, a happy team is a profitable team”

Hayley is also very pleased with the boardroom and various meeting rooms that avoid bottlenecks when things get busy and you want to discuss business in a peaceful and private setting fitted with audiovisual presentation equipment. “I think it’s a very welcoming office, both as a place of work and for our clients, and having a small central patio is very traditionally Spanish. It allows natural light to reach virtually every part of the office and also makes it possible to host small scale events there.”

Easy to find

One of the strongest attributes of the new office, though, is its central positioning and easy-to-spot location just off the coastal road. “We’re very easy to find, you almost can’t miss us, which makes it simple to give directions and convenient for people to visit us,” says Hayley. “Parking facilities are good and it’s a really nice commercial centre and area in its own right, with a position midway between Elviria and Marbella town centre that is ideal for us.”

While it is by no means impossible that Bromley Estates could open up some new branches to service clients on the west side of Marbella, the company’s brand new base in El Rosario looks set to become its head office for many years to come. “We love the new facilities and ambience, and more importantly, I think our customers will enjoy them too.”

Urbanizacion El Rosario, Centro Comercial El Rosario CN340, Km 188, Marbella, Malaga 29603

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