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New Off-Plan Villa and Apartment Projects in Marbella and the Costa del Sol

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There are many benefits, both short and long-term, of investing in off-plan villas and apartments on the Costa del Sol. Firstly, by investing early, you have the option of picking the apartment or villa you prefer. When you secure your off-plan apartment or villa, you also have the opportunity to make it your own by choosing the finishing touches, such as colour schemes, fixtures, fittings and sometimes the configuration. Then upon completion you will own a brand new property built in adherence to the latest building regulations and finished to your specifications, with the necessary bank guarantees in place.

Secondly, there is the financial aspect. Purchasing off-plan villas or apartments offers extremely favourable payment terms. The first stage requires a reservation deposit of around 6,000€, followed by a down payment of approximately 25 per cent. You only pay the remaining 75 per cent upon completion, thereby giving you around 2 years (the length of time before the property is ready to for you to take possession) grace to get your finances in place. This makes owning a luxury villa or apartment in Benahavis, Marbella or the New Golden Mile, much more attainable. It’s a win-win opportunity: off-plan villas and apartments not only deliver a brand new property finished to your taste, they also allow you the opportunity to pay in stages and are considered to be an extremely shrewd investment with excellent potential for capital growth.

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