2017 so far is proving to be even better than expected when it comes to Costa del Sol tourism and Costa del Sol property. Property sales are on the increase and a recent report indicated that in the areas of Marbella, Estepona and Benahavis, property sales have increased rather significantly. This is great news for those interested in snapping up some of the fantastic property for sale in Estepona. Moreover, the good news just keeps coming as Estepona, just like other major hot spots around the Costa del Sol, is currently receiving some hefty funding for improvements and beautification throughout the area.

Estepona town hall plans three more sections of coastal path
After much wrangling, Malaga’s provincial authority has now released funding to Estepona Town Hall to pay for three additional sections of its ‘Senda Litoral’ project, which aims to lay out a coastal path along the entire length of Malaga province.

Until now, much of the path has already been completed but funding hadn’t quite reached Estepona. However, finally money is being made available for Estepona to start filling in the gaps. This includes three stretches that will connect Hacienda Beach and La Chimenea, El Roquero and Doncella beach.

Estepona’s councillor for the infrastructure and tourism, Ana Velasco, said:
“The Hacienda Beach to La Chimenea link would be 310 metres long and be built of wood. The budget is 449,000 euros. In Punta la Plata the unlevel ground will mean that some of the walkway will be on stilts and the cost will be 406,000 euros for this 275-metre stretch.” – Sur in English

On other parts of Estepona’s coast developers of new homes are building other stretches of the walk as part of their planning permission agreements.

Estepona’s Growing Popularity
If you aren’t familiar with Estepona, it often seems to be overshadowed by the glamour of its more famous neighbours; Marbella or Puerto Banus. Yet nothing could be further from the truth, although not as glitzy, it is an extremely sought after location with steady ever increasing rates of tourism and it has also seen a major spike in interest from buyers. The coastal town has always maintained a great relationship with Brits because of its charm and deeply rooted history. Estepona has always been a popular destination for both tourists and foreign residents alike and even today this number is increasing significantly.

Estepona Hospital Project
When you see new construction taking place, it is a sure sign that good times are ahead, and there seems to be no end to the improvement taking place in Estepona. All types of improvements are underway, large and small, such as brightening up the road sides with coloured lights to illuminate the palm trees and much larger projects like the construction of new Hospital with a budget of 17.7€ million. Contracts have now been put out to tender.

Construction on the Estepona hospital is expected to take 22 months to complete and estimates of completion place the opening date around mid-2019. This announcement comes six years after the previous contract was cancelled due to the need to carry out archaeological digs.

According to the Sur in English newspaper, there is an agreement in place whereby the Town Hall will not only pay for construction of the hospital, but also the new property developments in the local vicinity. This is great news for house hunters searching for that perfect Estepona property for sale. Further predications suggest that this activity will lead to a steady increase in Estepona property sales.

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