Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced earlier this week an easing of lockdown measures here in Spain after a long lockdown period. This is excellent news for business as it shows light at the end of the tunnel. Here in the Costa del Sol we had a relatively low number of cases compared to the rest of Spain, but have strictly adhered to the lockdown rules.

From this week children 14 and under were allowed to go out for some exercise and fresh air with a parent or guardian. Very welcome news for those that have been locked down in apartments with no or limited outside space to enjoy.

If you lived within 1km from the beach you could go out and exercise there. Perfect news for those owners of beachside properties who have at least been enjoying the views over these last weeks.

The new normality is expected to begin on 22nd June after gradual de-escalation as long as the pandemic continues to decline. From 4th-10th of May, it is proposed that some small retail outlets and other commercial enterprises will re-open for individual appointments. Bars & restaurants will be allowed to offer a takeaway service. Adults will be allowed to leave home but the nature of these regulations are yet to be confirmed.

11th-24th May Phase 1 – some limited social gatherings may be permitted amongst small groups. Customers may enjoy a drink on outdoor terraces of bars or restaurants though numbers may be limited to 30% capacity. The wearing of facemasks will be strongly recommended. Those owning second homes may go to them from 11th May providing the property is located in the same province. Outside of the province, travel to a holiday home is permitted after 22nd June.

25th May-7th June Phase 2 – social contact that is permitted will be made more extensive. This may include re-opening of cultural venues like theatres and cinemas as well as museums but with a capped capacity. Bars and restaurants will be allowed to welcome clients inside as long as social distancing is enforced. Hotels and other tourist accommodation will be allowed to open areas such as swimming pools limited to a third of capacity.

8th-21st June Phase 3 – this is the time of more flexibility as long as the virus numbers continue to drop. Shops and business will be able to cater for 50 per cent of their full capacity and shopping malls will be re-opened again with a 50 per cent capacity and social distancing measures.

This is all a work in progress, but it is progress. Whether you live here in Spain or are aiming to travel here, the new normality will be arriving any time soon so we can start building our futures again whether you are looking for a property on a golf course or one by the beach, we have some great deals available and some great offers and discounted properties to make those dreams come true!

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