It has been a long time since it was announced but the long awaited high speed AVE link between Madrid and Barcelona to Granada is almost here. Later this month, in fact from the 26th June there are three departures a day scheduled between these iconic destinations according to Renfe.

The 568 kilometre journey between Madrid and Granada will take just over 3 hours which is almost an hour less than if you were to drive it. It will be one of the most relaxing ways to travel between the destinations although it isn’t the most economical at €128.50 return, but if you are in visiting mode it will allow for a lazy lunch if you choose a day trip. And you will get to relax as you traverse through some of the countries beautiful scenic landscapes. If you are a business traveller this would make a change from air travel.

This certainly links up one of the country’s most treasured historical sites to the major cities but having the link from Malaga to Granada would add appeal to Andalucian tourism. This route is apparently in the second phase of routes planned by Renfe although when it is due to start is still to be confirmed.

It does though show that infrastructure and investment here in Spain is apparent and this is a boost for the economy. All the more reason to invest in property here. The tourist’s love affair with Andalucia has been here for decades which is excellent for those looking to invest in rental properties here.

If you are looking to live or retire in Spain it is good news for you too. Spain is enjoying a buoyant economy as house prices slowly climb year on year, more building work is commencing due to demand and investment in infrastructure is evident from a larger port in Malaga that will moor super yachts, to this high speed AVE link.

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