If you are thinking of buying property in Spain then there’s no better time with a superb range of properties to make the most of your investment.

Renting provides an excellent ROI
Andalucia is a well loved tourist destination there is no shortage of people interested in renting properties for short periods of time. During the summer month’s there can be a particularly high return especially during July and August. Many areas are seeing a shortage of property to rent during these periods.

Some people prefer to rent over a longer term including those people who are living and working in the area. This requires less administration although the rent will need to reflect the fact that you have an all-year round income.

It’s a favourite with tourists
People from around the globe love Spain for its culture, climate and great outdoor lifestyle. For many European’s it is a short flight with guaranteed sunshine so the draw of Spain is never more alluring than it is now. Beautiful beaches beckon, golf courses await and resorts like Marbella and Puerto Banus bring in those rich and famous. This means owning a property here will be excellent if you do want a regular annual income.

The perfect place to retire
With the temperate climate and superb leisure facilities on offer up and down the coast, Andalucia is the perfect place to retire. When the weather is cold and damp in your home country, booking a flight and coming out to stay in your second home for a few months will be all the tonic you need. Some of our clients prefer this method of retirement as it retains the stake in their main home. Others up sticks and come straight to Spain for the attractive year-round lifestyle it offers.

Whether you are looking for a second home or you are interested in moving here, contact one of our expert team today who can talk through the areas and properties most suited to the lifestyle you want to achieve.

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