Spain might not be the first country you consider when thinking of winter sports, but with the Sierra Nevada just a couple of hours from Malaga it is a real possibility to sit on the beach on a crisp sunny December day and then head to Granada for a spot of skiing or snowboarding.
The ski season here runs from December to April and the conditions are magnificent, with well-groomed runs all over the region. Remember to bring your suntan lotion because this is officially the sunniest resort in Europe. And if you’re worried about the sun affecting the snow conditions then don’t – Sierra Nevada is nearly entirely covered by an advanced artificial snow-making system.
Sierra Nevada is Spain’s highest and most snow-sure ski resort. The ski area has the highest concentration of peaks over 3000m in the country making it perfect for early and late skiing. The resort base sits at 2100m with the top station at 3300m. There are over 120 pistes of varying abilities that total 106 km.
It has the perfect combination of majestic mountains, un-crowded slopes, traditional family-run hotels and fabulous food, all at reasonable prices. The nightlife is low key but if you are looking to relax with a glass of fine wine and some great food, Sierra Nevada is ideal. You could either stay here or head back to Malaga for a few nights at a top-notch hotel and then go and play some golf the next day and sit having a beautiful beachfront dinner.
Spain has so much to offer it is no wonder people choose to live here or buy a second home here. The country is so very diverse and living on the Costa del Sol you benefit from one of the most temperate climates year-round so you can be outside keeping fit and active. Talk to one of our team about areas that might suit your lifestyle today.

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