If you’re planning on visiting the Costa del Sol this Christmas, or indeed live anywhere along the coast you can’t miss coming to visit Málaga City Centre to see the stunning Christmas Light display in the city’s famous Calle Larios.

Málaga’s Christmas lights have quickly become one of the most talked-about and anticipated attractions. The Town Hall spends thousands on Christmas lights – this year’s budget is a staggering €806,000 (€532,830 for Calle Larios alone!) – And the results speak for themselves.

This year’s show is located in Calle Larios and features a ‘Christmas Forest’ light show which will include 342 aluminium and glass leaves illuminated by special LED lighting, more than 100 aluminium suns ranging from 1 to 4 metres in diameter with lighting on both sides, and the impressive structure will also feature angels. The above will be housed in a structure composed on 22 12.8-metre-high aluminium arches and 1000 12-metre-long LED strips of light!

One of the novelties this year is that you’ll also be able to visit the lights during the day as the aluminium used is designed to reflect the sunlight and create a unique daytime light show.

After the success of Málaga’s light show in recent years that has attracted millions of visitors – this year’s festivities will also feature a spectacular light and sound show. Officially opened to the public on Friday the 29th November, there will be three light shows every evening until the 5th January, the first at 6:30pm, the second at 8:00pm and the third at 9:30pm.

There is still plenty of time to come along and see the stunning show and whilst you are in Málaga why not make the most of those fabulous shops and the history and culture fitting in visits to one of the museums or art galleries.

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