Marbella’s many retreats

You’ve read it here before on Bromley’s blogs, but it´s worth repeating – Marbella property is super-hot right now. It´s not just our personal view – we have recently shared some amazing statistics and facts regarding Marbella real estate. We even provided our readers with exclusive access to our own predictions about the Marbella property market in 2017. With so much good news on the horizon, we think it´s time to explore the many retreats on offer in Marbella and the whole of the Costa del Sol… Some even more affordable than you thought!

Marbella Retreats – Experience just about everything

You’ll find that most resort-type coastal cities provide just about everything you’d expect. White sandy beaches, lounge chairs, cocktails and of course incredible food. But not many visitors to the Costa del Sol truly know about the hidden gems situated throughout the area. Hidden gems that can dazzle you, teach you something new, relax you, or leave you in complete peace and solitude. Marbella and the surrounding areas offer a great variety of different retreats and today we’re going to list the top Marbella retreats you’ll definitely want to try.

#1 – Well-being Treats
Let’s face it, we all need that get away sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little quiet and pampering. Marbella provides you with the solitude and meditation you crave. Believe it or not there are several spots outside Marbella’s city walls that surround you in scenic beauty and even solitude.

Here are our top picks:
Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat
You certainly get your pick here at Shanti-Som, but if it’s relaxation you want, they offer you a special package that promotes “from burnout to freedom”. They have a Chakra experience, conscious living experience and plenty more.

Molino del Rey – Yoga Retreat
If you love Yoga or even want to learn about Yoga and its many benefits, then Molino del Rey is the perfect escape. Molino del Rey sits in one of the most beautiful reserves in Andalucia – the Sierra de las Nieves. The owners of this retreat have been building on the resort since 1994, and with their very own hands. All aspects of the retreat have been improved, providing the most luxurious comforts you would expect.

#2 – Creative Retreats in Marbella
Are you a writer? Or perhaps you want to be a writer some day? You can include Marbella on your bucket list of the best place to get creative in 2017. There are locations situated throughout the outskirts of the coastal city, much like the well being retreats that offer creative writing retreats. You can even learn from some of the masters.

#3 – Master Spanish Retreats
Want to brush up on your Spanish while enjoying the sites in a beautiful sea side town? Then Nerja is the place you want to be. This 1 week Spanish immersion course starts at all levels, so even if you’re just getting started with Spanish, you get to learn the language and explore its culture.

#4 – Cooking vacations in Andalucia
Put your culinary expertise to the test with a wonderful cooking vacation in Andalucia. One thing you might not have known is Andalucia stands apart from the rest of the country because of its very unique history. Here in the south of Spain you will find a blend of Middle Eastern tastes and the very best sea food the country has to offer.

Imagine relaxing in a fully-restored traditional Andalusian farmhouse, where the owners will teach you how to prepare the finest of Spanish and Mediterranean foods. You get the full experience which includes stunning views and excursions to Cordoba, Zuheros and Granada.

Marbella Spain is so much more than sunshine and cocktails. You have a chance to escape the ordinary while learning and enjoying everything Andalucia has to offer. Because the Costa del Sol is breaking records in tourism, it might be a good idea to book early for a Marbella retreat making sure you get to travel when you want too.

Remember if you are looking for any information on Marbella real estate or looking to buy property in Marbella, Bromley has an extensive database of exclusive properties.



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