It has been a long lockdown period but during Phase Zero which started on Monday 4th May there were several types of business that were allowed to be open complying with health and safety regulations for public health.
Many of the businesses that took advantage of the easing of restrictions were hairdressing salons, whose services are in great demand after weeks of confinement whilst complying with regulations.
These regulations include wearing personal protective equipment, providing hand sanitiser and ensuring a distance of two metres between customers as well as disinfecting measures.
Other professionals who have been able to start offering their services by appointment are physiotherapists, dentists, opticians and beauticians. Here at Bromley Estates developments will be open and viewings are strictly by appointment only.

Activity has also resumed in some restaurants and bars this week. Phase Zero allows them to prepare meals to take away, if customers have ordered in advance by phone or internet. Lockdown is set to ease in other countries too and we are yet to see how travel will be affected between countries.

Many people will be missing breaks to their holiday homes or indeed to fly in and search for a property. Keeping people safe is always the highest priority and if you are looking for a property on the Costa del Sol we are still working so can help you with the search.

Meanwhile as exercising in the fresh air became allowed this week, many of the promenades that are usually brimming with people at this time of the year were filling up with most observing the social distancing rules and the timing rules requested by government. There is a reminder below of who should be out and when.

Time slots for physical exercise

  • 6-10am and 8-11pm. Adults and teenagers 14 and over can go for a walk. A maximum of two people together if they are from the same household. One walk per day. Limited to 1km radius from home.
  • 6-10am and 8-11pm. Adults and teenagers 14 and over can practise individual sports, once a day and must stay within municipal boundaries.
  • 10am-12pm and 7-8pm. The over-70s and dependent citizens with carers can go out for a walk. Once a day and within a 1km radius of the home.
  • 12-7pm. A parent can go out with up to three children for one hour a day within a 1km radius from the home.

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