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Price Reductions and Distressed Property

Not sure if your budget is big enough for a property in Spain? Lots of people find themselves in the same position. Dreaming of their luxury home in the sun, certain it’s out of their price range. But have you considered a reduced or distressed property?

Here at Bromley Estates Marbella, we continuously search the market to find the best deals and have a diverse portfolio of bargain properties for sale in the Costa del Sol. So, why not take a look today, see what is currently available, and take the first step towards making your dream a reality?

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Costa del Sol properties that are reduced yet luxurious


Distressed and reduced properties in the Costa del Sol come with a much more affordable price tag. But that certainly doesn’t mean they compromise. In fact, they’re often some of the best properties in the area – and are only priced below their genuine market value due to the seller’s circumstances.

Reduced properties can include everything from a stylish two-bedroom apartment to a lavish five-bedroom villa. So, whatever your personal needs or preferences, there’s bound to be something that ticks the right boxes – and offers you a feasible way to secure your new life in the Costa del Sol.

These are located in some of the most beautiful and popular areas along the coastline, within easy reach of golden beaches, world-class golf courses and a host of 5* amenities. What’s more, they’re finished to an impeccably high standard and typically boast a range of state-of-the-art facilities.


Why are the properties available for a reduced price?


Sometimes, the property may have already been repossessed by the bank. And to regain their money, the bank try to sell the property as quickly as possible – typically below its true market value.

In other cases, the owner may be looking to make a quick and easy sale. This could be for personal reasons. But it’s usually because they’re under financial strain or ‘distress’, and would prefer to sell the property quickly, than miss their mortgage payments and face repossession. These are known as ‘distressed properties’ and are usually available for a heavily discounted price.

Either way, it’s all about speed. The reduced price is not a reflection of the property’s quality and, if you choose to buy a reduced property in the Costa del Sol, there’s no need to worry about negative equity.


Find a reduced property in the Costa del Sol today


Demand for reduced and distressed properties in the Costa del Sol is on the rise. So, why not take a look today? Whether you’re searching for your dream home in the sun, or would like to build your portfolio as a savvy property investor, we can help. Secure your bargain property before it’s gone and either give us a call on +34 952 939 460 (+44 208 068 7606) or send an email to

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