With environmental issues under the spotlight worldwide everyone is trying to do their bit to provide a better future. Andalucia is leading the way with an injection of funding into sustainable buildings meaning more than €75 million is set to be pumped into sustainable building projects across the region in a major green campaign over the coming years.

The Junta is financing environmentally-sound and long-lasting projects that are due to come to fruition before 2020 meaning that more building work and smarter environmentally friendly property options will be available over the coming years here on the Costa del Sol.

José Sánchez Maldonado, head of the department for employment and business, said the funding has been drawn from the region’s energy agency. It is excellent that Andalucia is leading the way pumping this kind of investment into the property market.

A report in The Olive Press says some of the money will also go into renovating existing buildings to make them more environmentally friendly, installing thermal insulation to bring down energy use and eco-air conditioning. This investment makes up part of the Junta’s new three-pronged energy efficiency programme report The Olive Press.

We are finding that developers are taking a greener view with eco-friendly features being introduced to selected contemporary developments like a recent energy efficient development near Estepona. Helping both the environment and keeping the owners’ costs down. Eco friendly designs take advantage of the best aspects of a site such as making the most of natural light so minimizing energy use.

A further report in the environmental section of The Olive Press states that the local government are looking to make the area a centre for green energy production: “The Junta has once again committed to making Andalucía a green energy powerhouse. Officials want to reduce the region’s energy consumption by 25% and increase the amount of energy created by renewable sources by 25%. This further highlights Andalucía as a prominent place to live with its investment in the environment.

With the economy growing and more interest from overseas buyers seeing Spain and particularly the Andalucian coastline as a sound investment, investing in the sustainability of its buildings and property is a must.

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