Contrary to some news reports about small areas of Spain being on a second lockdown, here in Andalusia we are very much open for business. Andalusia has been welcoming visitors from around the globe for decades and as such has created some of the highest levels of precautions to protect residents and visitors so that when you arrive here you can enjoy all the things you are used to.

If you are a beach lover you will be glad to hear the beaches are ready to welcome you. There are no cordoned off areas and masks are only required to be worn inside buildings and in outdoor pathways less than 2 metres wide. Andalusia have a team of trained security officers to ensure the safety of tourists and hand gel is provided in most shops, bars, restaurants and even on the beaches. Hygiene measures have been ramped up, again to ensure the safety of tourists and residents.

The coast is getting busier day by day and everyone is following the high standard of the Spanish people and respecting the protective measures, of which none are considered inconvenient. There is excellent organisation by the authorities and the Costa del Sol or Andalucian region has not been put into a second lockdown which could have been misinterpreted. Catalonia has placed several areas on a less strict lockdown meaning they cannot leave their area, however this does not affect entry into Malaga airport and the beaches here on the coast are already filling up with its summer guests.

Those of you who choose to travel to Spain this summer will find the new normal an easy and secure way with little inconvenience on any level. All restaurants, bars, beach clubs are open and prepared for the season. The staff all wear masks for our protection but you are not required to and the tables apply the required distancing.
I have been the proud owner of Bromley Estates for 10 years and lived in Spain for 30 years and I am honoured to live in a country where people happily follow the measures set out to protect them. I have 3 children, two of which are still very young, they are now back enjoying the beautiful parks and beaches and I feel secure that the government and open venues are taking sanitary measures very seriously.

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