Looking for the best places to go on a night out in the Golden Mile? Discover our recommendations…

Marbella’s Golden Mile is famous around the world for its scenic views of the Mediterranean Sea and its luxury parties with celebrity guest lists.

Think rooftop bars, cocktail clubs, and cosmopolitan crowds – Marbella has it all and more.

Need a guide for the best places to go on a night out in the Golden Mile, Marbella?

Check out our recommendations below, rated by locals and visitors from all over the globe.

Whether you’re looking for fine dining, amazing live music, or somewhere to dance the night away, there’s an ideal venue for you to visit on the Golden Mile.

Best beach clubs in Golden Mile & Marbella area

There’s no shortage of luxury beach clubs in the Golden Mile, offering sunbeds and pool parties during the day and transitioning into exclusive cocktail and champagne parties when the stars come out.

Surrounded by private beaches and high-end properties, Golden Mile beach clubs are the place to spot VIP celebrities at the weekends.

You can expect well known DJs, themed dancers, and exquisite local seafood, accompanied by gorgeous views of the surrounding beaches and mountains.

Here are some of the top beach clubs to visit on the Golden Mile and the Marbella vicinity:

Nikki Beach

The ultimate beach spot for tourists wanting to feel like a VIP, with all-night entertainment and opulent cuisine so you can dance and dine under the stars.

Ocean Club

A staple in Puerto Banus for its highly-anticipated seasonal events, hosting spectacular pool parties with a backdrop of luxury yachts in the marina.

El Chiringuito 

A sister location to the Ibiza brand set in the Puente Romano resort on the former site of the Del Mar Beach Club, perfect for dancing on the sand under the palm trees.

Victor’s Beach Bar

If you want a more chilled-out atmosphere sitting by the sea, this family-run local business offers an authentic experience relaxing with sangria and seafood by the promenade.

Best pubs in Golden Mile, Marbella

Pubs and bars in Marbella offer a different vibe, going from cool-crowd coffees and newspaper reading in the morning to the best place to meet up with friends for a conversation over drinks in the evening.

There may be music and a dancefloor, but pubs and bars tend to close earlier than nightclubs at around 2am.

If you like an ambient mix of chatting, dancing, and drinks, then a Golden Mile pub is the ideal place to spend your night.

Of course, there are plenty of clubs around if you want to continue your night out after the pubs close.

Here are some of the most popular pubs in Marbella’s Golden Mile:

Linekers Lounge

One of the largest and most famous bars in Puerto Banus, with live sports broadcast during the day and resident DJs providing the music at night.

O’Grady’s Pub

The first Irish bar in Puerto Banus, popular among locals and tourists, offering typical themed decor and authentic Guinness.

Sinatra’s Bar

A small bar on the frontline of Puerto Banus named for the American singer, popular for star-spotting with views of the elite-owned super yachts and luxury cars.

Salduba Pub

A prime spot for people-watching with outdoor seating on the corner of the Puerto Banus marina, with more of an old-fashioned traditional pub vibe.

Best music bars in Golden Mile & Marbella

Music bars in Marbella focus more heavily on live music, staying open later than pubs but closing earlier than the nightclubs at around 3-4am. 

They tend to have terraces with a more open atmosphere for casual dancing or relaxing rather than the packed buzz of a nightclub.

If you prefer this vibe, there are lots of places to go for live entertainment in the Golden Mile.

Here are the hotspots for music bars along the Golden Mile coast of Marbella:

News Cafe

One of the trendiest spots in Puerto Banus for celebrity spotting, with live musicians and DJs and plush settings overlooking the lights of the harbour.


An established disco bar on the Puerto Deportivo marina, with indoor and outdoor bars and areas to lounge or dance to thematic music.

Maya Marbella

Also located in Puerto Deportivo is this fashionable disco club offering shisha, with a variety of music and great views of the port from the terrace.

Old Joy’s/Joys Live

Joys Live, previously known as the iconic Old Joy’s pub in Puerto Banus, has been entertaining locals and tourists with live musicians and singers since its doors first opened in 1977.

Best nightclubs in Marbella & the Golden Mile

For many visitors, the glamorous nightclub scene is what draws them to Marbella.

The glitzy location of the Golden Mile offers all the joys of life under the sun plus the alluring possibilities of rubbing shoulders with the elite while partying all night.

Nightclubs in Marbella open late and don’t close until 6am-7am, giving you plenty of time to sample the variety of clubs along the Golden Mile for a club crawl.

Here are the hottest clubs in Marbella’s Golden Mile:


Famous for throwing some of the best parties in Puerto Banus and drawing celebrities with its luxurious Moroccan-themed decor, house beats, and panoramic views from its rooftop terrace.


Located on the Plaza Antonio Banderas in the heart of Puerto Banus, this extravagant club is renowned for its sensual ambience, with live entertainment including DJs, podium dancers, and stilt walkers.

La Suite

Inspired by Manhattan’s Studio 54, this club at the Puente Romano Hotel resort attracts the ‘it crowd’ with its chic decor, high-quality service, and varied music.

Aqwa Mist

Beyond its stunning waterfall facade, this modern club offers a cutting-edge sound system manned by major DJs, entertaining crowds populated by international stars.


A jewel in the crown of the socialite scene in Puerto Banus, this Far East-inspired club offers elegance and exclusivity and is famous for its go-go dancers.

Olivia Valere

This swanky venue has earned a reputation for opulence since it first opened in 1997, from its fine-dining restaurant to its vast dance floors, set within architecture and decor designed to make you feel the magic of Arabian nights.

Golden Mile, Marbella nightlife prices

Partying in exclusive clubs on the Málaga, Costa del Sol doesn’t come cheap, so you might be wondering about the price tag.

The most expensive option is the beach clubs, where a bed can cost up to €100-300 if you want to hang around for the parties.

Most clubs don’t usually have a standard entrance fee, so admission might be free unless there’s a special event or live performance happening that night.

In this case you can expect to pay around €20-30 for entry, though it might be discounted if you show up early.

The nightclubs don’t tend to open until 11pm at the earliest, often offering free or discounted entry before midnight.

A drink in these high-end venues can cost from €10-15, though you can save money by opting for local wines and beers for €5 or less.

Since the clubs can get extremely busy, especially in the peak summer season, it’s a good idea to book a table and pre-pay for a drinks package in advance.

While you can anticipate saving up your cash to splash it on nights out at exclusive venues, the most costly part of going out in Marbella is likely to be transport.

Unless you drive, getting taxis around the Golden Mile can add up very quickly.

If you’re drawn to the glamour of the Golden Mile, why not consider investing in property in Marbella?

You’ll be living among the international elite whether you take a beachfront apartment or a private villa, with access to the nightlife scene year-round.

You’ll soon become one of the VIPs yourself.




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