Sierra Blanca is one of the most popular destinations for buying a second home – here’s why…

Sierra Blanca is one of the most sought-after locations for luxury second homes, retirement properties and investments in Marbella.

Majestically located in the foothills of the Sierra Blanca mountains, it has some of the best mountain views and a spectacular view of the Mediterranean sea. It’s mountainside location also gives Sierra Blanca its own micro climate, keeping the area protected from strong winds, while keeping temperatures cooler in the summer.

A prime destination for elite properties, Sierra Blanca has a good mix of traditional villas alongside more modern homes so there’s a good choice to fit your preferred style of living.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about buying property in Sierra Blanca


Where is Sierra Blanca?

Sierra Blanca is located to the North of The Golden Mile towards inland Marbella and is bordered to the west by Arroyo de las Piedras and to the east by Arroyo Guadalpin.

The area has a range of local services and amenities and is easily accessible from both Marbella and Puerto Banus.

With direct access through the Marbella by-pass both Malaga International Airport and Gibraltar International Airport are within easy driving distance.

The estate is widely known for its exclusivity offering luxury villas – along with contemporary townhouses and apartments – set within secure gated complexes.

The area sits along the foothills of the mountain range that gives it its name, with the iconic La Concha Mountain sitting as its heart.

One of the reasons Sierra Blanca is so popular with international travellers and investors, is its proximity to town amenities for those looking to be among the hustle and bustle, as well as being close to the coast and some of the best golf courses on the coast.

So, whether you’re looking for something secluded so you can enjoy your retirement in peace, or want to be close to the action,, there’s something in Sierra Blanca for you.

Why buy property in Sierra Blanca?

Here’s 10 reasons why Sierra Blanca is such an attractive area to invest in:

  1. Close to Malaga & Gibraltar International Airports
  2. Only a few minutes drive to the centre of Marbella and Puerto Banús
  3. Has its own micro climate protected from winds with shelter from the summer heat 
  4. Best walking treks in Marbella including the Camoján waterfall
  5. Stunning views of the Mediterranean and mountain scenery
  6. Luxury amenities like designer boutiques and Michelin-star restaurants
  7. High quality standard of services and infrastructure
  8. Secure property value due to lack of available building land
  9. Rich culture
  10. Exclusive area in high demand

The process for buying a property in Sierra Blanca

Buying a house in Sierra Blanca – or anywhere in Spain – is slightly different to buying property in the rest of Europe.

The biggest difference is that you will need the services of both a lawyer and a notary to confirm the sale.

It’s usually a two part process. Once you’ve had an offer accepted, you’ll complete a reservation contract (which takes the property off the market) and then complete all the necessary paperwork.

Here’s a quick guide to the process of buying a property in Sierra Blanca

Open a bank account

If you’re buying a property in Spain it’s important to note that the money must come through a Spanish bank – this includes the ongoing bills and fees for the property. It’s not possible to use a bank account in another country.

You can set up a non-resident account if you don’t already have a Spanish address.

If you’re going to buy property in Spain, it’s worth setting up your bank account early – even while you’re searching for a property – to avoid any delays down the line.

Choosing your property

Do you know what kind of property you’re looking for, and what budget you have?

Sierra Blanca has a range of property types covering all kinds of budgets so it can be easy to get overwhelmed if you don’t already have an idea in mind.

It might be worth contacting a qualified real estate agency who can take you through your options and answer any questions you might have.


Choose your lawyer

You’ll need to appoint a lawyer based in Spain who will carry out the searches and deal with the paperwork on the sale.

They can also help you through the process of applying for an NIE number so you can open your Spanish bank account.

Again, it’s worth looking for a lawyer early in the process once you’ve decided to buy a house in Sierra Blanca to avoid any delays with paperwork.


Negotiating the purchase

Your agent will help you to negotiate with the seller to find a purchase price that works for both of you.

They’ll guide you in making a written offer covering the price, deposit, and completion date, plus technical requirements.

Your lawyer may get involved to check if the offer meets their legal criteria, especially if it’s a complex negotiation. 


Securing the property

Once you’ve agreed a sale your lawyer will take you through the paperwork you’ll need to complete. First is a reservation document which takes the property off the market while the sale goes through.

You’ll also need to pay a deposit on the property. If the offer falls through because of the seller, you’ll usually get your deposit back.

Contract and deeds

The final step before completion is to have a private purchase contract drawn up between you and the seller once the offer is accepted. Your lawyer will help with this once they’re satisfied with all the legal conditions and agreements around the sale.

The agreement will set out the final details of the sale including the final purchase cost, dates when payments should be made, and the date for completion.

You’ll usually need to pay between 10% and 30% of the property price within 30-60 days of this agreement being signed by you and the seller.

You’ll then need to sign the Purchase Title Deed in front of a notary, which will be passed to the tax office and Land Registry with your details as the new owner.

Completing the sale

As soon as your new ownership has been registered the sale price paid, the sale will be completed.

If you’re buying a new build, you’ll pay the cost over the period of the construction up to the finished date for the project. This saves you paying the full amount when there’s a possibility the project could be delayed.

You’ll need to change the names on any utility contracts, set up new bill payments and arrange tax payments and residence permits for yourself and anyone who is planning to move to Sierra Blanca with you.

Your lawyer can help you with this.


Looking for property in Sierra Blanca?

Contact Bromley Estates for expert guidance and after sales care when buying property in Sierra Blanca.

Whether you’re looking for contemporary new developments, luxury or reduced, apartments or villas, our inventory has something for everyone.


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