With the current unsettling political situation in the UK making the £/euro exchange rate dip to 1:12 at today’s rate, this is the time to think about buying your property in Spain. It certainly isn’t the lowest the exchange rate has been over recent months but it is highly likely to tumble further over coming weeks.
The property market here in Spain is buoyant and there continues to be some really great deals on off-plan property, so if you are looking at a way to pay for your property in set stages, this is probably the best option for you. This way you can pay a smaller deposit whilst the £/Euro rate is lower and hope then that the unsettling times stabilise.

If you are in a position to either get a mortgage or are a cash buyer looking to buy outright, then picking up a key ready property in a stunning location could be done fairly quickly ensuring you get good value. If you are an investment buyer looking to let out property and earn an income then your investment could start paying for itself in no time at all as visitors to the Costa del Sol remain high.

This is no wonder with a fabulous climate and superb range of outdoor pursuits to fill the time of a holidaymaker. Championship golf courses abound, great beaches, fine dining and amazing shopping facilities make Spain a lovely destination. Couple that with diverse countryside and a superb history and culture with great cities that beg to be explored and you have an instant recipe for holiday success. House prices in Andalucia have been steadily rising year on year meaning your investment will increase in value too.

If you are looking to retire here then finding that fabulous apartment overlooking the beach or a great little townhouse on a golf course won’t be too difficult. It is likely that with the departure of the Prime Minister and the swearing in of a new one however quickly that may happen, the GBP may take a further tumble so talk to us about some of the great property deals we have on the market and how to lock in an exchange rate.

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